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Government, school and enterprise jointly build and do practical things, strengthen beliefs, forge ahead and create new opportunities


On May 14, the Party branch of the Veterinary and Slaughter Management Office of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Guangdong Province, the major animal disease prevention and control team of the School of Veterinary Medicine of South China Agricultural University, and the Party branch of Dongrui Food Group Co., Ltd. jointly launched the " Government, school and enterprise jointly build and run practical things, strengthen beliefs and forge ahead and open new bureaus" theme party day activities, Qu Yuanquan, chief animal husbandry and veterinarian of Guangdong Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Jiang Wenhong, director of veterinary and slaughter management office, and party committee of School of Veterinary Medicine, South China Agricultural University More than 40 party members including Secretary Yan Huichao, Chairman and General Manager Yuan Jiankang of Dongrui Co., Ltd. participated in the event.


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Group photo of the Party History Education base

The three branches together went to the former residence of Ruan Xiaoxian, the party history education base in Guangdong Province, to carry out party history learning and education. Through on-site teaching and visits and explanations, I learned about one of the earliest more than 50 party members of the Communist Party of China, the pioneer of the Guangdong Youth Movement, one of the outstanding leaders of the early peasant movement, and the founder of the people’s audit system. Later heroes and exemplary figures who made outstanding contributions"---The life and glorious deeds of Ruan Xiaoxian. Comrades express their sincere admiration for his rock-solid revolutionary belief, the political character that he dares to assume, the broad-mindedness to be able to move up and down, the dedication to work hard, and the "Xiaoxian spirit" of the boundless love of the family and the country, and one by one. Present flowers to his statue to show high respect. Under the influence of the revolutionary ancestors, all party members reviewed the oath of joining the party at the scene, read a touching red letter from the family, accepted a profound ideological baptism and firm party spirit, and expressed that they would inherit a good red. Gene, based on the job, keep in mind the original mission, practice the party's purpose, and greet the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China with a good spirit.

"The tripartite party building and joint construction of government, school and enterprise is a good platform for exchanges and learning. It is an innovative practice of learning party history and doing practical things to promote development. It is an innovative practice for creating and constructing'party building leadership, complementary advantages, mutual promotion and mutual improvement'. The new pattern of grassroots party building work is of great significance." In his speech, Qu Yuanquan spoke highly of the meticulous arrangement of the theme party day activities. Yan Huichao fully affirmed the branch's disciplinary advantages and political functions, strengthened the integration of party building and business development, provided talent support for the government and enterprises, promoted rural revitalization, and promoted the development of industries. Yuan Jiankang expressed his high recognition of the company’s party branch, playing the role of a battle fortress to lead the growth of the group’s cadres, the development of the company, and the successful listing. At the new starting point and new stage of the company’s development, he will pay more attention to the construction of the party branch, and use party building to lead the promotion of higher quality of the company. development of.


In the forums and exchanges, combined with the requirements of learning party history, understanding ideas, doing practical work, and opening new bureaus, the three parties discussed the different responsibilities and missions of the government, universities, and enterprises in breeding technology and African swine fever prevention and control. Among them, the South China Agricultural University Professor Qi Wenbao gave a theme report on "Molecular characteristics and prevention and control of the new African swine fever virus" and Deng Guodong, Section Chief of the Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, with the theme of "Policy Interpretation of Live Pigs Transport and Transportation in Central and Southern Region" to guide enterprises in the prevention and control of African swine fever. Help companies analyze and solve problems and problems in actual production.


Sign a branch joint construction agreement

10.頒授支部共建牌匾~1.jpgAward the branch to build a plaque

In order to promote the joint construction of the branch and promote the "Party building and scientific research, social service and other business integration and mutual promotion", "Party members' role play", "Brand building of grassroots party building", and "Improvement of organizational strength", the three party branches have focused on the construction of grassroots organizations. We exchanged experience on the situation and signed the "Party Branch Joint Construction Agreement", focusing on the "four commons", namely, jointly carrying out thematic party day activities, jointly carrying out animal epidemic prevention technology exchanges, and jointly establishing a joint prevention team for major animal diseases such as African swine fever. To control the mechanism, jointly carry out the strategy of serving the rural revitalization, and refine the tasks of joint construction. Qu Yuanquan awarded the three branches a plaque for the joint construction of the branch.


The tripartite party building of government, school and enterprise is to transform the political advantages of mutual promotion of party building into development advantages and practical actions for the development of production and operation and the strategy of serving rural revitalization. Strengthen service quality, create and develop together" as the goal, take measures such as organization and co-construction, party member linkage, activity co-participation, service co-operation, industry co-promoting, etc., continuously improve the construction of the party construction co-construction platform, and effectively enrich the exchanges and learning forms between each other , To promote the interconnected and complementary interaction of the tripartite party building work, further push the party building to reach the grassroots level, promote the benign interaction of party building in government agencies, colleges and universities, and enterprise party building, so as to jointly create high-quality party building to lead enterprise development and rural revitalization, and to achieve learning and history. Comprehend thinking, forge ahead and open a new game. (Correspondent Wang Qi)