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The main leaders of Dongyuan County Party Committee visited Dongrui shares to ask needs, solve problems, provide excellent service and promote development


On the morning of June 22, Kong Desheng, Secretary of the Dongyuan County Party Committee, led a team to visit our company to investigate epidemic prevention and control, safety production, food safety, environmental protection and corporate development plans, and focus on the difficulties encountered in the development of Dongrui shares , Carry out in-depth exchanges, discuss solutions, and enhance the confidence of enterprise development.

The main leaders of the county party committee emphasized that all relevant departments at all levels in the county must firmly establish a sense of service, take the development of the main board listed companies as a breakthrough to continuously optimize the business environment, thoroughly implement the chief service officer system, and take multiple measures to help companies solve practical difficulties and problems. Problems, and strive to create a good environment for enterprises to invest with confidence, operate with confidence, concentrate on innovation, and do things without worry.

During the visit, the main leaders of the county party committee expressed their heartfelt gratitude to Dongrui for its active participation in poverty alleviation, earnestly fulfilling its social responsibilities, and vigorously supporting Dongyuan's economic and social development. And put forward two hopes and requirements: First, hope that Dawnrays shares will continue to carry forward the spirit of poverty alleviation and actively participate in this year's "6.30" Poverty Alleviation Day, so as to promote the consolidation and expansion of poverty alleviation achievements in our county and the effective connection of rural revitalization. Contribution. The second is to hope that Dawnrays shares will take the main board listing as a new starting point, gather social support, be ready to go, carry out a second entrepreneurship around the leading industry, and blaze a path of characteristic development; we must implement the new development concept, firmly hold the bottom line of environmental protection, and innovate with technology In order to start, coordinate the pig production, environmental protection and industrial chain extension, and build a modern park-style pig breeding industrial park; it is necessary to strictly implement the main responsibility of the enterprise, and make every effort to do a good job in project construction, product processing and transportation, etc. In terms of production safety, we will fully implement various measures for epidemic prevention and control "foreign import prevention", and create a good environment for safe development.

Yuan Jiankang, chairman and general manager of Dawnrays, said that Dawnrays will live up to expectations, continue to work hard, play a pioneering role, continue to focus on high-quality and comprehensive development, and contribute new and greater strengths from a new starting point to help Dongyuan in all aspects Promote rural revitalization.